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About Dayang Business

Suzhou Dayang Commercial Equipment Co., founded in 1996 , in 2000 the company put into the new plant , pipeline and CNC equipment and other advanced equipment in the new plant , product quality and on a new level , the development of a large number of chain customers. 2003 products successfully into the international market . Exported to Japan , the United States , Australia, Canada, Spain, United Kingdom, Singapore , the Middle East , Africa and other countries. 2010 and the expansion of the new plant , to lay the foundation for an industry leader .

The company has more than 300 employees , including technical staff of more than 30 people, covers an area of ??28,000 square meters , fixed assets amounted to 8,000 million. After ten years of development, now has better production , inspection and test equipment , reached the advanced level , and has a mature technology management cadre employees through pre-job training and work practices , with a skilled professional skills.

The company passed ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification, management science , sound system, was named the exemption of export products.

Vision: constantly develop new markets and achieve win-win situation with customers, to become the industry leader .

Enterprise mission : technological innovation, product sanctions first, to create a better life of mankind .

Core values: team spirit company to provide customers with the highest quality products and services.

Business philosophy: honesty , unity, cooperation , innovation , and strive for perfection.

Dayang who adhere to the " self-improvement , social commitment ," the credo, " deep Deese education Liverpool ." Dayang people thicker principle of "respect , tolerance , harmony and fairness" , give full play to its advantages in terms of management , technology, personnel , etc. , and domestic and international upstream and downstream industry chain customers and industry peers to form a strategic partnership relationship , made ??" common development, competing and win-win ." Dayang people will be " incentive , innovation, integrity and efficiency" for the purpose of a more mature and steady pace into the future , continue to take on greater responsibilities to shareholders , employees, customers and the community, with extraordinary ambition and courage , with a new attitude and impressive performance , the first brand to build national industry efforts !


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