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Dayang enterprise one hundred days target action starts successfully!

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   On 23th of July, our Dayang enterprise held one hundred target mobilization action,Each of family members are enthusiasm and performance is extremely wonderful.

   Last week, Dayang enterprise menager Langlang lead total seven members attended the “success equation”management idea for training which host by Wuxi Shenghe.
   In the beginning of meeting, seven people by performing a sign language "open for the rest of your life", the song is chairman xi remarks, the lyrics simple moving, education we diligently honestly highly motivated man.After then,Seven people took turns to share their learning in three days to the comprehension, have tears have laughter, made clear their goals, staff said three days of learning in their work life has great influence, reflect on yourself, let oneself grow, let oneself progress.Next,we will enter the one hundred - day action of thesis, first of all by Langlang came to give us explanation "eight ability" and "nine questions."Eight ability" and "the nine questions”  lays a foundation for later target custom. Present all employee to fill in the” one hundred - day goal commitment of love”,  work, personal and family life goals, have goals to have power, high challenge to study and work target, with love to move around to ignite every partner, all are operators, all value maximization.

   "Is bound to achieve their goals!"Sound, the heated, the next one hundred days, we work together!

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