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Dayang enterprise team learning

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    During 16th-19th of July,our Dayang family attended by Wuxi Shenghe which host the "success equation" camp sook, Our company's manager Langlang take some of main employees attend this training for three days and three nights.

    "success equation" means life* work results=Way of thinking*impassion*ability, it's one successful enterprise management system, by this famous system knowledge can move and ignite impassion of each team's members,help the enterprise build like-minded high-yield Amiba management team. All of us are operators, all of us value maximization, challenge high goals, high quality continuously, create high profits, becoming the first one.

    Dayang family, like the sun, splendor, bright and warm to others.We have a love of family, is a team full of positive energy.

    Such valueable team learning enrich our company culture more and more, our Team through continuous learning, continuous progress, then our company has always been in the industry leading to the masses of customers to provide quality products and satisfaction services around the world.

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