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Fully automated warehouse shelves crack problem

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The main problem of the use of automated warehouse shelves are present in the current low utilization rate , the effect is not obvious , uncertain size advantage is not prominent issues such as how to solve these problems ?

"Guidance" to enhance the level of automation in warehousing industry to accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading of enterprises putforward higher requirements.

The current main problems that exist in the use of automated warehouse shelves are low utilization rate , the effect is not obvious , uncertain size advantage is not obvious , so many idle resources library field , particularly small quantities of some products manufacturing enterprises to achieve a single warehouse automation, library resources idle and field facilities reconfigurable contradiction.

Four factors restricting the level of automation to improve

Did not do the construction and planning of warehouse shelves full survey analysis. This makes automated warehouse shelves in the design and construction of pre- planning , there is a major decision problem . For automation and automation, there is no research and analysis of its necessity was found after the construction is completed in the actual utilization of the requirements for automated low utilization rate is very small.

To improve the warehouse shelves mechanization and automation of thought lack of knowledge. Due to lack of understanding, with a reluctance to use the equipment , ideas, remains the basis of the manual work on the new automated warehouse for lack of confidence , and not the automated warehouse on an important position , and thus ideologically abandon the study and use of automated warehouse shelves .

Changes in external factors and the situation. Send and receive tasks change , the amount of work changes, changes in the type of goods , but did not follow the changes in the warehouse racking systems and upgrades , he began to lose the original market , the warehouse is in an idle state .

Keep up the quality of personnel . Do not focus on training machine operators and maintenance personnel , the lack of operation and maintenance personnel , so that existing equipment not play its due role. In the design of the new Treasury did not consider the subsequent maintenance and development , restrict the use of equipment to improve the level of automation . After installation , some system failure damaged, parts and service can not keep up , maintenance is very difficult.

Four strokes crack automation problems

Make an inventory of assets, make full use of existing equipment , the development of idle resources and revitalize the stock of assets , improve equipment utilization, the logistics industry is an important measure to improve the economic efficiency in the process of transforming operational mechanisms . Put idle resources to fully open market place , breaking the boundaries of the industry and administrative areas , so the market for effective and rational allocation of resources . Introduction of relevant policies to encourage professional bodies operating idle equipment , expansion device information exchange channels , enhanced information service means . Paid transfer through normal channels , sell , lease, exchange with idle equipment .

Sharing resources as much as possible to prevent unnecessary waste of resources , research and promotion of modern logistics management and operation , which allows the production process in conjunction with automated warehouse shelf technology to improve the speed of internal logistics . Use of network technology , e-commerce , logistics and means to achieve modernization and organizational networking , full use of external related industries , corporate resources , the real scale of the logistics operation , resource sharing, risk sharing with manufacturers , wholesalers , retailers, together construction and use of automated warehouses , becoming stockist , distributor , transporter , transit providers , distribution and processing bases its own logistics base backup . Community to provide third-party logistics services form a complete logistics and distribution system . In any area in the shortest time to complete ( including international ) logistics tasks, and reasonable cost of logistics , conducted as horizontal, open their logistics resources , increase market share.

Comprehensively improve staff quality, improve the management mechanism automated warehouse shelves , logistics equipment to achieve efficient use of energy , the need to adapt to the environment and scientific management of logistics , which are required to have high-quality personnel . In the case of the current lack of practical experience , you can take the "going out , please come " approach, developed to study or ask professionals or university teachers describe their experiences , impart knowledge, do classes , etc., or in the recruitment of technical colleges logistics professional and technical personnel, as soon as possible to resolve the lack of operation and maintenance personnel situation. Digestion and absorption of work to do , so as soon as localization, in order to meet the market needs.

Automated warehouse shelves is a key element in the flow of goods , assume an important role in developed countries , " building a database to build automated warehouse shelves " has become a necessity. China's economy has been gradually integrated into the world economy and become a global processing base. But now, our automated warehouse shelves overall market oversupply situation , and generally lower profits . Automated library is needed for second-or third -line processing equipment business , in the long run , which presents tremendous opportunities.

With the expansion of business scale processing and enhance investor confidence , automated database will be widely used.