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How arranged storage shelves ?

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Meet the requirements : The main value of the storage shelf is practical. Only when people can easily and comfortably use it, its value can be reflected. Pay attention to the relationship between furniture and storage shelves while layout, including spacing, open the door and so on. Note also that the relationship between storage shelves and doors wall studs and equipment , so that people in the interior space activities as easy as possible .

To overall environmental effects : indoor space and space of each component is an organic whole . Any single piece of storage shelves is not a single isolated, one-piece storage shelf is part of a combination of storage shelves arranged , and group storage shelves also an integral part of the interior space . Descending a harmonized unified whole , must not behave locally , grandstanding and disturb the whole order and harmony.

Storage shelves arranged to have the idea of ??intent is not a simple concoction with mercy , must have thought when the layout. Because in addition to the use of functional storage shelves , there are organizational space , separate space , changing space , organize space capabilities. To make a layout scheme based on the characteristics of space. For example solemn serious space should be used regularly arranged ; lively space should be used irregularly arranged ; circular arrangement of space should be used to the heart ; rectangular space should adopt short -arranged . As a result, the space prioritize, density and orderly , interesting .