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Material of storage shelves

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    Cold rolled steel is steel after cold rolling production.Cold rolling is at room temperature will be No. 1 further rolling thin steel plate thickness of steel plate is target.More accurate compared to hot rolled steel plate, cold rolled steel sheet thickness, and surface smooth, beautiful, at the same time also has a variety of superior mechanical properties, especially processability。Because cold rolling the original volume is more rigid, not suitable for machining, so the normally cold rolled steel sheet requirement after annealing, pickling and surfacesmooth to customers.Cold rolling thickness is below 0.1 -- 8.0 MM, as most of the factories cold-rolled steel sheet thickness is 4.5 MM below;Minimum thickness and width is according to each factory equipment capacity and market demand.

    Cold rolled steel and hot rolled steel difference is not in the smelting process, but is that the temperature of steel rolling, or termination of the temperature of steel rolling.Finishing temperature below recrystallization temperature becomes cold rolling steel.Hot rolled steel easy rolling, rolling of high efficiency, but under the condition of hot rolled steel oxidation, product surface is dark grey light.Requirements of steel rolling mills big power, low efficiency of rolling, in order to eliminate the strain hardening in the process of rolling and even in the middle of annealing, so the cost is higher, but cold rolling surface light, good quality and can be directly used for processing the finished product, says cold rolled steel sheet application is very extensive.

    Processing method
    With hot rolled steel coils as raw material, after acid pickling to remove oxide skin for cold rolling, the finished product is hard, because of cold work hardening caused by deformation of continuous cold rolling hard roll strength, increase hardness, toughness and plastic index decreased, so the stamping performance will deteriorate, can only be used for simple deformation of the parts.Hard coil can be used as a raw material, hot dip galvanized factory for hot dip galvanizing unit Settings are annealed wire.Hard coil weight generally in June to 13.5 tons, steel at room temperature, for continuous rolling of hot rolled pickling volumes.Inner diameter is 610 mm. The storage shelves main material - cold rolled steel, shelves pillar beam layer board according to the required punching welded polished pickling phosphating process etc.

    Dayang enterprise only choose quality steel from famous steel supplier and the promise is for life. the raw steel for shelvings are mainly SPCC,SS400, Q235B, ST12. and the surface powder coated with AKZO NOBEL or DUPONT Nontoxic paint by static airless resin spraying technology, it ensured the stable performance of product. We can offer mill certificate for each lot of production to make sure it’s from qualified supplier.


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