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Our progress has stagnated factor warehouse shelves

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Four major bottleneck of warehouse shelves , shelf companies based on survey of existing types of warehouse shelves more than 6,000 companies , has formed a relatively complete variety categories , with a certain production scale and technological base of the industrial system . The vast majority of middle and low level of product technology and reliability , stability and other key indicators not yet fully meet the requirements. In addition, more than 6,000 companies, with annual sales income of more than $ 10 million less than 1000 , the economic benefits the industry is low.

Industry experts also pointed out that although China's industrial warehouse shelves made ??some progress , but far from all walks of life to meet the urgent needs of the growing economy . High-grade , large equipment is almost entirely dependent on imports , while the share of foreign companies also occupy the domestic mid-range products as well as many key components for more than 60 % of the market .

Our warehouse shelves industrial technology innovation and industrialization of the main factors constraining progress has stagnated :

First, the lack of talent and a huge loss to become a serious obstacle to warehouse shelves industries and industrialization of scientific and technological innovation , state-owned enterprises in particular.

Second, the development funds internationally renowned for technological innovation storage shelf companies are generally more than 10% of sales , while sales of storage shelves enterprises not only not high , development funds for scientific and technological innovation generally does not exceed the amount of annual sales 3% , compared to corporate research funding pitiful. Serious shortage of research funding .

Third , talent , technology, management are lacking. Is also an important reason for delaying the development of storage shelves .

Fourth , the lack of government, industry, academia, research , gold, using the effective combination . In the past, only to advocate Combination , very few examples of success , there is no official involvement of users and the financial sector and the financial sector may also be referred to here is corporate or private capital , our storage shelves in the current situation faced by the enterprise , to successful industrialization is extremely difficult.