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Placed on the shelf

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Shelf use is a science , to advertise their products as a shelf to look at, it is propaganda commodity hardware , to help the sale of goods. Successful shelves need to be aware of the shelf scientific and consumption decisions .

Shelf science refers shelves placed to meet consumers' buying habits ; to follow the direction of traffic corridors and shopping malls to display ; able to demonstrate clear product information , facilitate consumers select, view , compare , looking for. Meanwhile , in a successful shelf to consider are: the role of product categories ; fair and similarity of products ; development trend of commodity categories ; merchandise sales heat.

Shelves need to take into account the consumer's decision-making , which for the sale of goods on the shelves has a very important significance. Consumer Decision are: pricing decisions , brand making, decision-making function , size decisions. So shelves to be placed in accordance with commodity prices from low to high scores grade ; placed close to the same brand name products ; functions segregated ; size from top to bottom in the order placed .

Shelf use reasonable place convenient for consumers to buy , naturally bring more benefits to the mall or supermarket. Shelves stocked unreasonable , items placed at random , inconvenient for consumers to buy and contrast , it will definitely affect the mall benefits. In addition , to mass merchandise and reasonable prices of goods in the apparent position of the consumer for easy viewing and purchase.