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Rack beams design principles

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Before choosing beam shelves , must first be set mounted unit of work , is about the weight of the goods and their packaging and other characteristics of the disk groups , determine the type of pallet , specifications , dimensions , as well as single prop load and truck ( single- prop cargo weight usually in less than 2000kg ) , then thus determine the span , depth and spacing unit shelf , high shelf in accordance with the decision height and maximum effective height of the lower fork forklift warehouse roof along . Shelf unit span is generally less than 4m, depth 1.5m or less , low , high storage shelves height generally less than 12m , ultra-high -bit storage shelf height generally less than 30m ( such warehouses are basically automated warehouse , shelf total height of several segments constitute less than 12m column ) .

 Widely used in the field of manufacturing, third-party logistics and distribution centers, both for small quantities of many varieties of goods , but also suitable for small breeds bulk items. In addition, to improve space utilization , channel width can be reduced, with a special push orbiting exercise machine , so vertical storage space , it becomes alleys shelves .

Rack beams is the most simple and effective storage shelves, with forklifts , pallet accessed using a convenient way . Selective , and can be FIFO, higher inventory turns characteristics.

Rack beams in the design of basic common sense should be aware of what it is mainly the following aspects ? :

( One ) the length of the beam shelf design :

( 1 ) on the card board specifications to understand, such as cargo beyond pallets, should exceed the size of the calculation.

( 2 ) the general design of the discharge interval between each two card board, card board and card board 70-100MM ( high shelf spacing 100MM, shorter shelf may 70MM). If the length of the small card board DA ( eg : 800MM), may be considered to put three cards on each plate .

( 3 ) the formula : L = length * 2 + card board ( 70-100 ) * 3 ( number of intervals )

(Two) the width of the beam shelf design :

( 1) The actual size card board width calculation.

( 2 ) If the customer asks for cross- beams, steel wood shop and other accessories , shelf width can be designed to the same size as the width of the card board .

( 3 ) the formula : D = card board width -200MM.

(Three) the height of the beam shelf design :

( 1 ) according to customer specific height warehouse space , with a forklift to raise higher factors.

( 2 ) the height of an integer multiple of 75MM is required , if not , to take similar values.

( 3 ) the formula : H ( storey ) = cargo height +100 ( interval ) + height of the beam ( bearing not the same, not the same size ) .

( Four ) channels: According truck performance ( such as: operating channel , Yang Gao , load , etc. ) , to determine the forklift channels.

( Five ) Accessories : columns, beams , cross beams and other accessories.

(Six ) Special Note: if the card board styles, cargo prominent shelf sizes, layer weight, space , fire , etc.