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Rack installation should pay attention to those issues?

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Whether the relationship between the shelves to install cargo security, due to some special care when installing shelves, shelf installation should pay attention to the following questions:

1, The installation should be considered cargo shelf uneven weight distribution caused by the deformation of the transverse momentum, stacker or forklift movements caused by seismic fortification intensity;

2, High quality steel, surface rust and decorative treatment, to ensure that the use of performance under the premise of the shelf, try to reduce the project cost;

3 Shelves dimensional tolerances, deformation and the gap should comply with the relevant standards.

4, Should be installed between the goods to the shelves, leaving between goods and shelves and cargo piping and fire safe distance, leaving the fire sprinkler space;

5, The installation shelf structure, considerations should be integrated requirements, equipment cases, the nature of the load, materials supply and installation conditions, a reasonable choice structure, structural measures and production of materials, so technologically advanced, economical, safe and appropriate, to ensure quality.