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Shelf production in the industry can go far

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Shelves can thus become an industry dates back to the 1980s and 1990s . Germany and Hong Kong enterprises in the late eighties early nineties focused on the establishment of the Shanghai-Nanjing line warehouse shelf company , mainly produce warehouse shelves , investors gradually saw the development prospects of the shelf industry in China. Then gradually build shelves Swiss companies in Shanghai , shelf production technology in China has since developed. With the gradual improvement of our local warehouse shelf production technology, in order to save costs, more foreign companies chose to purchase local shelves, warehouse shelves of our respective industries produce .

Although the 2012 shelf industry in China is still in the stage of rapid development , but with foreign trade company warehouse shelves stationed in China, inevitably present some features of the new development.

First, the current technology of warehouse shelves single industry , and there is no formation of the corresponding industry standards , the industry is relatively concentrated area , the unit needs only to select a different vendor's warehouse shelves opportunity , rather than choose a different warehouse shelves opportunities exist , because nationwide warehouse shelves industry products are the same. And the foreign presence in the industry , there must be a difference in the quality of products warehouse shelves , so the competition is bound to exacerbate !

Second, with the injection of more foreign markets, will inevitably lead to more and more enterprises to standardize their operations, increase the efficiency of logistics which would start from the third profit source , more and more people will come to realize that the warehouse shelves necessity , companies demand for warehouse shelves also growing.

Again, comprehensive, open , demand will inevitably bring scattered across the country have, thus inevitably lead to the nation shelf industry gradually spread from the focus after 2010 .

Different types of warehouse shelves have different characteristics , high storage shelves have assembled a good , large carrying capacity and stability

Warehouse shelves Purpose : sex and other characteristics. Warehouse shelves timber using hot and cold steel . Through the shelves for the storage of large quantities of similar goods designed tray , also called non- channel shelves . Tray one by one according to the depth direction is stored on the support rail , increasing the storage density, improve space utilization . This warehouse shelves are usually expensive storage space used applications, such as cold storage shelves. Through the shelves there are four basic components: frame , rail support , tray rails and ramp drawbars . This high storage utilization through the shelves , enabling FIFO, or last-out . Suitable for storing large quantities , less variety of goods , batch jobs . The smallest available maximum amount of storage space . Its application in large quantities , less variety of cargo storage operations. Forklifts can directly access road into the cargo goods , the job is extremely convenient.