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Storage shelves Industry Outlook 2013

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In recent years , with the development of international logistics and warehousing industry each year , and the shelves are constantly industry has its own development , since July 2011 , the development of the shelf in the concentration of the industry led gradually into a new field, industry professionals are expected to 2013 will be the development of another world . Produce shelves in our industry thanks to the introduction of technology and industry needs.

After several years of development, storage shelves industry has formed a certain scale , a comprehensive analysis of the following characteristics:

( 1 ) New applications gradually expanded storage shelves
In recent years, 80% of the new Automated library storage shelves height of about 20 meters, and has become a high-level modular storage shelves storage shelves dominant structure , welded storage shelf applications continues to decline. To meet the special items store freezer storage shelves, storage shelves antistatic applications are gradually expanding.

( 2 ) low-cost competition and risks
In recent years, the low-cost storage shelf market competition intensified. Production storage shelves to withstand the test of time and bearing , low price quotes can only disrupt the normal system and eventually caused the collapse of their enterprises. In order to ensure the healthy development of the market warehouse shelf , low-cost competitive behavior should have died !

( 3 ) The user needs more rational
Construction of the tobacco business in the field of logistics center of circulation , begin by using automated sorting and code , database mode unstacking , high storage shelves and rail tunnel stacker composition . Utilization of this mode of storage shelves area , high degree of automation and information technology , security, and economic development in the center of the city is more suitable.

( 4 ) Storage shelves marketing, sales, production and overall prosperity
In recent years, demand for storage shelves industry faces increasingly widespread, especially in the automotive , home appliances , books, pharmaceutical, retail , food and refrigeration industries more quickly, the scale of a single item storage shelves demand is also growing .

( 5 ) A general increase in corporate internal strength
Now all enterprises attach importance to the design calculations, the intrinsic quality and installation quality storage shelves , attention to marketing. Some companies continue to expand production, added a new advanced equipment, quality of personnel, R & D and innovation, the growing scale enterprises , greatly enhancing the overall industry production capacity storage shelves . Some enterprises in order to enter the international market , has been in trial with international standards, to proceed with the international standard certification.