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Storage shelves using the principles to be followed

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Storage shelves are mostly one-time investment in equipment , under normal circumstances , at least in the life of more than fifteen years , but usually also pay attention to the care and maintenance of the shelf in order to achieve real shelf life cycle , maintenance and use of the shelf should follow storage shelves three to three and a requirement not to principles .

Third, we need principles:


1, low to high light weight, storage shelves must follow the principles of light weight on the bottom , which put heavy objects on the bottom , top to put light matter to prevent top-heavy , which will help balance.

2, To gently , usually put the goods must pay attention gently , first, to ensure a stable and secure shelves , the second is to ensure that the goods will not be damaged.

3, to moisture and rain, although the shelf columns and beams are fabricated metal products, and the surface has a coating, but damp by the sun , a long time may rust, thus affecting life. Shelves shelves mostly wood, the most vulnerable position by the window and rain, after the rain wood will deform tilt.

Do three principles:

1, Do not ultra overweight, should not be less than 100MM space left between the warehouse shelves and shelves of goods . Different specifications of the shelves are designed and manufactured according to the load . Therefore, the placing of the goods bdx7z shelves can withstand the weight of the goods must be less than the weight of the shelf . Warehouse goods administrators do best on the shelves bearing load limit logo.

2, Do not super- size wide , this is to say between the length and width of 0.8 m -1.2 m card the size commonly used card board specifications. Such as heavy beams shelves is generally 2.5 m length of the beam is put two pallets according to the width of the design. If you are using a non- subject pallets or cargo carrier on top size over 1.2 meters , cram or deadlift pick up when put on the shelf may hit the post.

3, Do collision deformation , storage shelves is the most vulnerable parts of the channel and the corner of the column , usually due to truck collision leads to deformation. Depending on the shelves shelves suppliers , channel width and delivery tools are provided with matching bumper column . In the channel position should install guardrail . Bollards installed to protect the shelf column plays a very important role .

A requirement :

Storage shelves using the system requirements . Different warehouses , different goods , has a different use. Warehouse managers should use the system to develop the shelf , so that people have learned to use each shelf and compliance , in order to guarantee the safe use and shelf life .