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Structural characteristics of supermarket shelves

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Supermarket shelves is one of the most popular of the shelves, the shelves are also a type of sales up in addition to medium-sized shelves. Mainly because of the supermarket opened too frequently, and it is constantly increasing the density.

Supermarket shelves structural features:

1, Columns and steel plate connected to the shelf composed by a fixed speed buckle fixed bayonet and triangular slices.

2, Supermarket shelves Column: bilateral punched by the equilateral angle steel, 50mm hole distances are arranged along a straight line distance, columns with holes used to mount Laminates;

3, Supermarket shelves steel plate: Adopt a cold-rolled steel sides bending forming the desired size.

4, After the supermarket shelves all the parts working well polished molding, pickling, phosphating, automatic powder coating, drying, etc. Process assemble the finished product. Produce shelves finished surface clean and beautiful; laminates can be adjusted up and down for easy disassembly.