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The design features storage shelves

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( 1 ) Plant architecture ( available height | beams Location | Floor Conditions | fire safety )

To be considered valid under the beam height optional storage shelf equipment to determine the shelf height. The beams position will affect the shelf configuration . Floor to withstand the intensity of the ground roughness and also design and install the shelves . Also consider installing a position yet to fire safety and lighting facilities.

( 2 ) Of article characteristics ( size | Weight | Chu -digit | Storage Unit )

The shape and size of the storage items directly related to the specifications of the selected shelf , the weight of the stored items directly affect the selection of the strength of the shelves. The storage unit is the unit in which to store pallets ( pallet ) or storage cage or a single product has a different type of rack used . Another estimate of the total number of bits of storage , the company must take into account the growing demand for the next two years . These data can be made ??up by the storage system analysis , but also requires us to give Proton shelves before designing some professional advice.

( 3 ) Accessibility ( storage density | FIFO | Reserve managers )

General accessibility and storage density is relative. That is , in order to obtain a high storage density , must be sacrificed relative accessibility items. Although some types of shelves obtain better storage density , but relative to its storage location management more complex , and often can not be done in the control FIFO . Of course, the best three-dimensional automated warehouse can be up development , accessibility and storage density is superb, but the relative investment costs are more expensive. Therefore, the selection of the type of storage device , can be said to compromise on various factors , the application is also a strategy. Comparison of accessibility and storage density on various types of storage devices, you can call us.

( 4 ) Handling equipment ( with weight | straddle | channel width | Lifting Height | Weight Lifting | radius of gyration )

Access job is handling equipment storage equipment to complete. So use storage devices need to be considered in conjunction handling equipment . Stacker is the general use of handling equipment , and shelves channel width , will directly affect the selection of the type of forklift is with weight or narrow channel type . Various types of forklifts operating channel width comparison may refer to Table 1-8. Also yet to consider lifting height and weight lifting (Capacity) handling equipment forklifts comparison to reference types and brands to buy.

( 5 ) Into the library volume ( FIFO | Access Frequency | Access number )

Although some types of good shelf storage density , but not high volume into the library , suitable for low frequency operation. Library into a high volume of data is very important , which is considered to be the shelf in the form of an optional item .