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Usecommon senseplanwarehouse shelves

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Optional talk about certain skill warehouse shelves , in order to facilitate the operation of future use , storage shelves design should be stored with the variety of goods , specifications, performance , weight and packaging shape adapted to the conditions . Only suitable to their characteristics can be regarded as a warehouse shelves is the perfect storage shelves, storage shelves there are four common sense use planning Precautions :

Knowledge of a warehouse shelves are designed to be easy to make full use of warehouse volume , easy to operate machinery .

Two common sense , warehouse shelves arranged in the direction of the Treasury , to try to take advantage of natural lighting .

Knowledge of three , warehouse shelves structure should be strong durable , reliable simple. Only strength and stability of the shelf, in order to ensure the safety of goods ; only simple shelves, can help manufacturing, installation and moving .

Knowledge of four , warehouse shelves to try to unify the specifications , in favor of internal storage used interchangeably . The size of the warehouse shelves for easy access to the goods or not closely related to warehouse shelves are too high, the top can not be fully utilized, warehouse shelves too deep , access to the goods is not easy. Only reasonable specification to facilitate future operations ; standard single-sided warehouse shelves width 600MM and 800MM, 800MM and double-sided shelves as standard and 1200MM , 2000MM warehouse shelf height standards to 2500MM.