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Volume ratio improved cold storage shelves

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Fresh food is inevitable because of high temperature, short shelf life , transport and other reasons the process for a long time food spoilage during transport and storage, rot. And to solve the problem of food deterioration in transport and storage process, the most effective way is to carry out low-temperature treatment , which is carried out construction of cold storage warehousing . It is understood that China's cold storage construction has begun to take shape , according to statistics , China's cooling capacity has reached nine million tons , reaching five million tons of cold storage capacity of the trading system .

Although our country but in such a large cold storage capacity figures , only about five hundred thousand tons of frozen fruit , frozen vegetables about forty tons. Compared with other countries, the United States twenty million tons of cold storage capacity is more than 2 times the capacity of the refrigerator , but five times our population , the population of the United States , therefore, from the point of view of supply and demand , China 's food preservation and storage buildings remain frozen is not enough. Data from the current situation, our country in the next period of time requires a lot of construction is still a lot of cold storage.

Stimulating the demand for cold storage construction equipment in cold storage. It is understood that the cost per unit area in cold environments is quite high, and how to better control inventory costs per unit area , and improve the capacity of the cold storage unit area has become the key to reducing storage costs. Usually cold and effective way to reduce the unit area is used for storage shelves . Use shelves can increase the capacity of the cold storage warehouse longitudinal improve storage volume ratio , reducing storage costs per unit area.