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Warehouse shelves prospects in Logistics

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With the success of international economic integration and accession to international WTO , China's economy has been developing rapidly . Introducing the concept of modern logistics , but also makes all walks of life forms tend to diversify warehousing , automated warehouse equipment and other logistics facilities has been widely used in various enterprises. This one, with high efficiency , high storage density , high- shelf pick of freedom, and other characteristics of mature technology , won the favor of many users in general .

1, Storage shelf applications : Application technology : Compared with the original angle shelves, modern logistics warehouse shelves to enhance the technical content is self-evident. Only reasonable and convenient installation showing the extent of the structural design superiority is obvious . Safe and efficient applications: its significantly improved technology, making shelves and people under the premise of ensuring the absolute safety greatly improved storage density and make access more convenient. In order to achieve the perfect combination of high efficiency and safety. Differentiated applications : Taking into account the diverse needs of users , and people on the basis of the shelf standard on all kinds of products but also more suitable for customers tailor-made non-standard products to achieve the perfect storage effect.

2, Shelf status and prospects for development : regional distribution, warehousing and global distribution of 60% of the overhead in Europe, but Asian markets , especially China is rapidly emerging market . Market development point of view , as modern logistics warehouse shelves with highly integrated functions , the market demand growth steadily. Shelves of major manufacturers in technology spending will increase , technology updates will be faster.

Domestic demand are mostly concentrated in the economically developed logistics rapid development of coastal and inland cities, such as Guangzhou , Shenzhen, Shanghai , Suzhou, Beijing , Tianjin, Qingdao , Changchun, and its surrounding areas. Industry is relatively concentrated in the machinery , automotive , electronics, pharmaceuticals , logistics and warehousing . Especially with China to join the international success of the WTO , the country 's emphasis on logistics and warehousing development and funding of the substantial increase in demand for modern logistics and warehousing it soared shelves several times . Due to the high technical content and people shelves , safety factor, the domestic manufacturers rarely have such shelf production capacity . I believe that with the rapid growth of China 's economy , the growth and expansion of the logistics industry , the development prospects of modern logistics warehouse shelves will be getting better and better .