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Warehouse shelves transformation from traditional to trend

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Shelves , a common word can not be ordinary , a familiar word , one word says it , I believe that all people are arrayed in rows of image array of goods on the shelf .

Speaking about the warehouse shelves, we should think of the mind is cluttered warehouse placed in rows of shelves of goods , with no aesthetic effect , its purpose is to store the goods. Today its implementation shelves, warehouse shelves in particular , its transformation is not one iota , which up to now from the initial practical beautiful and practical , saving manpower , material and financial resources . It has come a hard journey .
With the rapid development of modern industry, a significant increase in the amount of logistics , warehouse management to modernize and improve the function of the warehouse , requires not only the number of shelves and requires a multi-functional and can mechanization and automation requirements.



Mechanized shelf : Material can be moved through a variety of conveyors, industrial trucks , robots , cranes, stackers and lift and handling, with shelf storage tray and removable shelf materials , machinery and access equipment by manual operation , with limit switches , mechanical brake and mechanical screw monitors and other control equipment to run. Mechanization meet the people aspects of speed, accuracy , height, weight, such as repeated access and handling requirements , and intuitive real-time advantages are obvious .

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Automation shelves: the late 1950s, have been developed and adopted the automatic guided vehicles (AVG), auto racks, automatic access robots, automatic identification and automatic sorting systems. To the 1970s , rotary style shelves, mobile shelves, roadway stackers and other handling equipment have joined the ranks of automatic control , but only a partial automation of each device and each individual application , called " islands of automation ."

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Intelligent Shelf : Based on continuing research on automated warehousing , decision-making to achieve with other information systems integration, intelligence and fuzzy control toward the direction of development, promote the development of storage technology of artificial intelligence , that intelligence warehousing. Intelligent storage technology is still in its early stages of development , intelligent storage technology of the 21st century will have broad application prospects . The early 1970s , began to study the use of roadway stacker warehouse . In 1980, the Beijing Institute of Machinery Industry Automation and other units built China's first developed automated warehouse in Beijing automobile factory production. Since then , warehouse in China has been rapid development.

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