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What purpose storage shelves?

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Shelf in storage devices, specifically for storing items into the storage facility, occupies a very important position in the logistics and warehouse, with the rapid development of modern industry, a significant increase in the amount of logistics, warehouse management to achieve modernization, improvement warehouse functions, not only requires shelves quantity, good quality, but require more functionality, and can achieve mechanization and automation.

To ensure the quality of storage shelves to store the goods, you can take moisture, dust, anti-theft, anti-sabotage measures to improve the quality of goods stored to meet the modern enterprise cost, low-loss, high efficient logistics management needs of the supply chain. Loading capacity, easily deformed, reliable connection, easy disassembly, diversification, so that the storage shelves on the development of modern industry has played a huge role in the development of modern industrial civilization, structure and function of the warehouse shelves are constantly improved.