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When buying storage shelves issues that need attention

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This is a problem consumers are most concerned about , warehouse shelves main function is used to store the goods, does not require a lot of time like other commodities blindly note the appearance of the shelf products.

1 , shelf stability has been one of the key issues in the design of steel structures warehouse shelves , steel shelves are widely used system stability study highlights the importance and urgency. Since many uncertainties warehouse shelves steel structure design, construction and use them there , so the introduction of reliability analysis is necessary.


2, select the shelf you must select the appropriate warehouse features , so before you buy , be sure to plan ahead yourself , or let the shelf factory technicians tailor it for you , so the utilization of your warehouse will be greatly increased , but also possibility may make future problems down to a minimum.

3 , process issues . Shelves after forming black pieces should go through , rust , pretreatment, phosphating , passivation, electrostatic spraying, high temperature curing , and other aspects . There is also the excellent quality of the powder of the points difference . Generally speaking, each shelf companies have a standard color , standard color coating is generally low cost . If using a special color , change will increase the duration of powder and waste powder , so the cost will be relatively high .

There are three commonly used in supermarket shelves , one is single-sided double-sided back back there is a network of networks , there is angle steel shelves, racks , like the other , is also useful to float . The model is based on the specific rules of graphic design and product placement supermarket to set. Storage shelves with storage shelves is one thing , he is broadly divided into four , medium and heavy shelves , light shelves and angle steel shelf , the specifications are based on the size of the specific warehouse , height, and place the items needed to decision.