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The quality is the soul of enterprise[ 08-03 09:06 ]
    Quality is the life of the enterprise, is the core of the soul of enterprise development and competition.This is also our Dayang OEM&ODM manufacturer repeatedly summary repetition to employees of top priority.Enterp...
Dayang enterprise one hundred days target action starts successfully![ 07-25 13:09 ]
   On 23th of July, our Dayang enterprise held one hundred target mobilization action,Each of family members are enthusiasm and performance is extremely wonderful.    Last week, Dayang enterprise menager Langlang lead total seven members a...
Dayang enterprise team learning[ 07-20 16:39 ]
    During 16th-19th of July,our Dayang family attended by Wuxi Shenghe which host the "success equation" camp sook, Our company's manager Langlang take some of main employees attend this training for three days and three nights. &nbs...
Material of storage shelves[ 07-20 09:04 ]
Cold rolled steel is steel after cold rolling production.Cold rolling is at room temperature will be No. 1 further rolling thin steel plate thickness of steel plate is target
installation progress of market shelf/gondola[ 07-12 13:58 ]
 installation progress of market shelf/gondola 1.figure out how many groups in a row 2.put the upright in place, make sure all adjusting screws at the same hight. 3.install back panels/mesh 4.then install baseshelf last, put on brackets and sh...
Placed on the shelf[ 12-26 18:59 ]
Shelf use is a science , to advertise their products as a shelf to look at, it is propaganda commodity hardware , to help the sale of goods . Successful shelves need to be aware of the shelf scientific and consumption decisions .
Storage shelves using common sense[ 12-26 18:55 ]
Storage shelves using common sense: 1, Anti-overload: the weight of the goods stored shall not exceed the maximum load on each shelf design. 2, Anti-ultra-wide: shelves storey, layer width has been restricted, pallets and goods should be slightly smaller than the size of the net space 100mm.
Structural characteristics of supermarket shelves[ 12-26 18:51 ]
Supermarket shelves is one of the most popular of the shelves, the shelves are also a type of sales up in addition to medium-sized shelves. Mainly because of the supermarket opened too frequently, and it is constantly increasing the density.
Volume ratio improved cold storage shelves[ 12-26 16:40 ]
Fresh food is inevitable because of high temperature, short shelf life , transport and other reasons the process for a long time food spoilage during transport and storage, rot. And to solve the problem of food deterioration in transport and storage process, the most effective way is to carry out low-temperature treatment , which is carried out construction of cold storage warehousing .
Storage shelves Industry Outlook 2013[ 12-26 16:35 ]
In recent years , with the development of international logistics and warehousing industry each year , and the shelves are constantly industry has its own development , since July 2011 , the development of the shelf in the concentration of the industry led gradually into a new field, industry professionals are expected to 2013 will be the development of another world . Produce shelves in our industry thanks to the introduction of technology and industry needs.
Maintenance of warehouse shelves[ 12-26 16:31 ]
Warehouse shelves are mostly one-time investment in equipment , under normal circumstances , at least in the life of more than fifteen years , but always pay attention to the care and maintenance warehouse shelves . Maintenance on storage shelves the following measures:
Shelf production in the industry can go far[ 12-26 16:16 ]
Although the 2012 shelf industry in China is still in the stage of rapid development , but with foreign trade company warehouse shelves stationed in China, inevitably present some features of the new development.
Fully automated warehouse shelves crack problem[ 12-26 16:12 ]
The main problem of the use of automated warehouse shelves are present in the current low utilization rate , the effect is not obvious , uncertain size advantage is not prominent issues such as how to solve these problems ?
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