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Production of steel storage shelves choice[ 12-26 16:03 ]
The choice of steel storage shelves for the density of steel, toughness, frost resistance, there is a certain thickness of the steel requirements. Z lap steel, unilateral C-shaped steel, steel brace (galvanized steel C purlin, Z purlin), storage shelves (column, hold welding beam, M steel, U steel outer flange), galvanizing, painting, punching thickness can 1-8mm.
Rack installation should pay attention to those issues?[ 12-26 16:00 ]
Whether the relationship between the shelves to install cargo security, due to some special care when installing shelves, shelf installation should pay attention to the following questions:
What purpose storage shelves?[ 12-26 15:58 ]
Shelf in storage devices, specifically for storing items into the storage facility, occupies a very important position in the logistics and warehouse, with the rapid development of modern industry, a significant increase in the amount of logistics, warehouse management to achieve modernization, improvement warehouse functions, not only requires shelves quantity, good quality, but require more functionality, and can achieve mechanization and automation.
How arranged storage shelves ?[ 12-26 15:54 ]
Meet the requirements : The main value of the storage shelf is practical. Only when people can easily and comfortably use it, its value can be reflected. Pay attention to the relationship between furniture and storage shelves while layout, including spacing, open the door and so on. Note also that the relationship between storage shelves and doors wall studs and equipment , so that people in the interior space activities as easy as possible .
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