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[Industry information]Warehouse shelves using techniques[ 2015-07-15 13:36 ]
Warehouse shelves generally is refers to the concept of the store of goods shelves.In the warehouse equipment, shelf is specially used to store items of equipment.Shelves in logistics and warehouse occupies very important position, with the rapid development of modern industry, through put a substantial increase, to realize the modernization of the warehouse management, improve the function of the warehouse, not only requires shelves number, has multi-function and requirement, and can realize mechanization, automation requirements.
[FAQS]What purpose storage shelves?[ 2013-12-26 15:58 ]
Shelf in storage devices, specifically for storing items into the storage facility, occupies a very important position in the logistics and warehouse, with the rapid development of modern industry, a significant increase in the amount of logistics, warehouse management to achieve modernization, improvement warehouse functions, not only requires shelves quantity, good quality, but require more functionality, and can achieve mechanization and automation.
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