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The design features storage shelves[ 12-26 15:50 ]
To be considered valid under the beam height optional storage shelf equipment to determine the shelf height. The beams position will affect the shelf configuration . Floor to withstand the intensity of the ground roughness and also design and install the shelves . Also consider installing a position yet to fire safety and lighting facilities.
Rack beams design principles[ 12-26 15:46 ]
Before choosing beam shelves , must first be set mounted unit of work , is about the weight of the goods and their packaging and other characteristics of the disk groups , determine the type of pallet , specifications , dimensions , as well as single prop load and truck ( single- prop cargo weight usually in less than 2000kg ) , then thus determine the span , depth and spacing unit shelf , high shelf in accordance with the decision height and maximum effective height of the lower fork forklift warehouse roof along .
When buying storage shelves issues that need attention[ 12-26 15:39 ]
This is a problem consumers are most concerned about , warehouse shelves main function is used to store the goods, does not require a lot of time like other commodities blindly note the appearance of the shelf products.
Storage shelves using the principles to be followed[ 12-26 15:34 ]
Storage shelves are mostly one-time investment in equipment , under normal circumstances , at least in the life of more than fifteen years , but usually also pay attention to the care and maintenance of the shelf in order to achieve real shelf life cycle , maintenance and use of the shelf should follow storage shelves three to three and a requirement not to principles .
Warehouse shelves transformation from traditional to trend[ 12-26 15:22 ]
Shelves , a common word can not be ordinary , a familiar word , one word says it , I believe that all people are arrayed in rows of image array of goods on the shelf .
Our progress has stagnated factor warehouse shelves[ 12-26 15:09 ]
Four major bottleneck of warehouse shelves , shelf companies based on survey of existing types of warehouse shelves more than 6,000 companies , has formed a relatively complete variety categories , with a certain production scale and technological base of the industrial system . The vast majority of middle and low level of product technology and reliability , stability and other key indicators not yet fully meet the requirements. In addition, more than 6,000 companies, with annual sales income of more than $ 10 million less than 1000 , the economic benefits the industry is low.
Usecommon senseplanwarehouse shelves[ 12-26 14:58 ]
Optional talk about certain skill warehouse shelves , in order to facilitate the operation of future use , storage shelves design should be stored with the variety of goods , specifications, performance , weight and packaging shape adapted to the conditions . Only suitable to their characteristics can be regarded as a warehouse shelves is the perfect storage shelves, storage shelves there are four common sense use planning Precautions :
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